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Asian American Store Owners Association

Established in 2009 the Asian American Store Owners Association has quickly tripled its membership allowing store owners to stay current on industry trends, network with other business owners, receive discounts and attend the annual AASOA Tradeshow and Banquet free.

Representing almost over 8300 store owners throughout nationwide. We provide members the tools they need to grow and prosper. Almost 90% of our members are independent store owners and our data collection allows us to create buying power for them, as well as our chain store members. In addition, we keep up with industry news, send out important news via email newsletters, bring you product news and research trends.

The Asian American Store Owners Association is here for you and we invite you to become a part of this growing organization.

About AASOA!

T he AASOA represents convenience store retailers in Florida, Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina and Illinois. Together we provide a strong, coherent voice for all convenience store retailers and, representing their concerns at all levels of government and the media.

AASOA offers opportunities for retailers as well as suppliers to come together and strengthen business relationships. By continually striving to develop benefits for our members through our Preferred vendors

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